Won’t Say 2 Face (Feat. Talakai)

This is a song called “Won’t Say 2 Face (Feat. Talakai)” which was written and recorded by Savo & Talakai.

The song “Won’t Say 2 Face (Feat. Talakai)” by Savo was inspired by people who talk bad about you behind your back and won’t say anything to your face.

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Author: Savo

Australian Hip Hop & Rap music artist Savo (also known as Jameel Savage-Tate) has been creating conscious (and sometimes funny) songs for over the last ten years. Heavily influenced by musicians such as Mac Miller, Drake and Bryson Tiller. Savo has supported international acts such as Kid Ink and D12 on their Australian tours. Reaching over one million plays on SoundCloud and over one million views on YouTube since the start of his music career. Savo is currently working on a bunch of new songs and (hopefully) a new album which will be released sometime in 2019.